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of america was among the worst performers on loan modifications, up 14%. >>> time now for trader talk and it's george kachupe from the r and b group joining us. so the dow did it on monday and now the [indiscernible] 500 reaching new highs for 2009. >> morning, beejal. hi. we got a follow through signal this last monday of this week. the first time since last monday, the first attempted rally, reversal date, that was november 2. a lot of volume came in and they had a reversal. they had a correction going on for about three weeks and looked like it might be a much stronger correction than it turns out to be. this week we had volume come in, still kind of light but the s&p is again encroaching on 1100 and the traders are looking to see if we can hold it. the dow over 1000 you got to like this market. >> we're watching a continued drop in the u.s. dollar on the verge of making new lows for this year. is that concerning at all? >> it is concerning, in terms for the u.s. economy, but it's believed by all the traders at least, that despite what the government, the treasury or the fed says, that th
the president will discuss with america's biggest creditor... first look lawmakers in the house financial services committee continue to drilwn on the financial overhaul package on tuesday... could see some movement on that this week.... also the senate banking committee wi talk re about protecting consumers from overdraft fees.. and cracking down on abusive practices.. us postal service loses almost 4 billion dollars in 2009 - despite cutting 40-thousand jobs. a even though jobs are hard to come by these days... railers are still hiring for the holidays - we get the story from angie miles.. good morning everybody... hodaysight now. and whether you are looking for part timwork for extra christmas cash-- or, you've been out of work for a while and want to take advantage of stores adding on seasonal staff, we have tiderhe insview of what you can expect. broll john challenger sot john challenger/challenger, gray & christmas, inc. broll help wanted sign sot henry mata/target broll target workers, shoppers, people applying for jobs. with 15 million people out of work, unemployment remains "h
council of america. still ahead why one author says conventional thinking is what got us into this financial mess...we'll talk to him next. logic and emotions: two of the most powerful forces guiding our decisions about our family, finances and future. no matter how well-reasoned our ideas and strategies are about how to avoid getting fired, getting a raise or investing for retirement, those choices may have more to do with intuition than intelligence. we spoke with charles jacob, author of management rewired. he contends management in this economy is broken. trump was led to the program nice to see you. is measured in the permit and are in progress? yes. why? primarily a problem because people are so afraid right now. has nothing to do it has a lot to do with the recession then. he got two questions how we get into the recession? with this going on right now and was going on right now is people are in this mold where part of the brain is the most analysts just pumping hormones into the system is making people frightened is slowing down what they think is making them
...that's coming up next. there are almost seven million fewer jobs in america today compared to two years ago. that's almost seven million pink slips, forced retirements and layoffs. while it can be traumatic to be on the receiving end, surviving a downsizing can also be distressing. we spoke with david noer, author of "healing the wounds." but you talk about survivor sickness with is that? it is a combination of a lot of talk this symptoms like anger fear and anxiety frustration some emotions that there really make people less productive. it was the source of those emotions he didn't name deal of skill to be able to survive the layoffs. survivors gifted is alive and well enough to guilt you do when your survival of a traumatic experiences i did mention that. how much to the extent of the bad economy or the job market in general and packs how one feels meaning that if this a good job market the you go to lay off and you survived a beautiful film is that? this a good job market you have options. a lot of people are stocking jobs today that they don't like and they're afraid to leave because
pre health care center joins us now with her insights on health care in america path to so much for joining us left to right into it from your perspective as a nurse destination health care system really need an overhaul? i guess i could put it best as a nurse at the health-care system is terribly six. it reminds me of patients who come to our free clinic who are uninsured and put off taking care of themselves for so long that they're sick of the most folks if they have a chronic illness. the health-care system is broken and needs this fixing. you brought up the uninsured in the cost that their medical care converse what impact does covering uninsured have on those with insurance? in the present situation what happens is that the folks who have no insurance like i said they put off care in i've been amazed by this as a nurse of overtime to put off taking care of themselves and eventually may end up in a hospital emergency department very sick i heard something the other day on the news that to having the person more chance of dying in emergency room if you're uninsured. and does
the dollar drops the market rises in $1 goes up america takes a scene the dollar dropping of the last six weeks or so. " the talk about the stock market divergence we've seen the s&p 500 nasdaq the dow all hitting new highs for 2009 but the russell 2000 small cap index is nowhere near hitting new highs for 2009 just wanted to point that out and talk about what are you hearing on the floor as far as market the 2009 highs is testing power? that's that's really a big debate there isn't exactly a consensus on the floor most people think that is a low volume rally yet there's not any real reason to think we should sell-off would any severity. do you even buy stocks at this level stand? i wouldn't personally and i wouldn't discourage it either let's talk about the u.s. dollar is bad feeling gains in gold for the past several muzzle the six months with illegal has been making new highs but the u.s. stock index took a look at this is not making significant new lows is still the 75 for the u.s. dollar index which was below back in october. is this trade become too obvious do you think? gold is bei
-cash assets. so middle class america can be subject to the estate tax very true. >> not just affected the rich. let's go over what the current estate tax is right now here. we're exempt up to the first three and a half million dollars, you don't have to pay taxes on that. after and above 3.5 million it's up to a 45% tax. and then after 2010, here's what it looks like. it goes back to the pre2001 levels where you are exempt up to the first one million and then above one million it's up to a 55% tax. and so this estate tax is actually set to go away in -- for about a year at the end of 200 the. how did that come about, at the end of '09. >> you mentioned a couple of points that we like to tell people. number 1 is the bush tax cuts in 2001 provided for stair stepping of the index. in 2010 we have a one-year window where there's no estate tax. >> for the entire year. >> for the entire year. but because it was a 10 year plan, in 2011, we revert back to the estate tax that existed before 2001. and surprise, surprise, it's a very low exemption. it's a million dollar exemption, as you pointed out a 55
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9